I am a dedicated educationalist and linguist with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I have lived, worked and volunteered with students abroad in France, Peru and South Korea, as well as having gained valuable experience of the UK school system.  My original field of study was French and English Language. I graduated from the University of Glasgow’s Masters programme in 2012.


Further academic success followed as I graduated from the London School of Economics with a Masters in Social Policy, with a specialism in Education Policy in 2015. I have pursued my passion for education as an organiser of Education Policy conferences and I now practise privately as a tutor and education consultant.

Working and connecting with new students and families is a real passion for me. I take pride in my ongoing success in supporting and empowering students to achieve their learning goals. I’m a firm believer in instilling confidence in students enabling them to believe and achieve their learning objectives.



Whether the student is a complete beginner or an advanced learner it’s simple steps towards a shift of mindset that can make all the difference in achieving progress. I have found through practice that students respond well when they are able to take an active role in their learning and when they are encouraged to use the tools available to them.



A combination of addressing areas of challenge and reinforcing strengths, aids students to build confidence and self-esteem through the learning process. We can acknowledge those areas of challenge without allowing them to overwhelm us by focusing on approaches to addressing them and empowering our students to grow in confidence, character and skill.



I believe that this integrated and holistic approach should be at the heart of any learning journey and it is my goal to achieve this objective with all of my students.



Tutor and Education Consultant at Language Learning Essentials