In-person language tutoring for learners of all ages based in Barnes, Putney and Sheen. Louisa creates a fun, engaging environment to give learners the essential tools needed to gain confidence and excel in English, French and Spanish.

Improve language speaking skills

Private, one to one lessons to give students the confidence to take oral language skills to the next level.

Develop language writing skills

Using fun and engaging learning techniques to improve writing skills for Key Stage 1-3, GCSE and A Level.

Gain overall language confidence

Providing students with the essential tools to develop language confidence amongst learners of all ages.

About Louisa

I am a dedicated educationalist and linguist with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Working and connecting with new students and families is a real passion for me. I take pride in my ongoing success in supporting and empowering students to achieve their learning goals.

I’m a firm believer in instilling confidence in students enabling them to believe and achieve their learning objectives. 

Whether the student is a complete beginner or an advanced learner it’s simple steps towards a shift of mindset that can make all the difference in achieving progress.

Client Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Home tuition is available in the Barnes, Putney and Sheen areas.

Classes can either be held in student’s homes or online. 

Private, face to face sessions cost £48 per hour. 

If you are interested in group sessions, please enquire for more details on pricing. 

Classes are generally one to one.

Group classes amongst siblings and/or friends can also be arranged. 

Yes, siblings can join a class together. Pricing is as follows:

  • One student: £48/h
  • Two students: £53/h
  • Three students: £58/h

If you are interested in larger group sessions, please contact Louisa for a direct quote. 


Most tutoring sessions run for one hour. If you would like longer sessions, this can be arranged.