How to put the fun into French grammar?

“Is this too much?” I asked one of my students this week.

This self-assured 12 year old responded: “I think it is really, but it’s no different from what we’re doing at school.“

We were coming to the end of 3 classes spent almost entirely on conjugating irregular French verbs. I know, fun right?

The fun, and smiles, came on both sides when I introduced a video with a catchy rap which helps students to learn French verbs.

Is it possible to make French grammar, or English grammar for that matter, fun?

I think back to all the repetition and chanting that we did back when I was in school (she writes, immediately feeling like she is about 100 years old), and it definitely did work.

Was it fun? Maybe not. Should it have been? Maybe.

As teachers sometimes we risk boring the hell out of our students.

However ‘fun‘ I might find French verb conjugation, my student might not, and at the end of the day, if I really want her/him to enjoy the process I need to make it enjoyable.

So I’ll leave you on this note:

Thanks Étienne 😉