Road to progress

It’s really encouraging to see a student go from not wanting to even sit long enough to complete a session, to taking initiative and asking me if she can do x, y and z.

We still have trickier days, days when maybe she hasn’t had a great night’s sleep and concentration is a challenge, but overall, so much progress has been made on so many levels.

There are still gains to be made. We are working to foster greater independence as she approaches various Maths problems, moving away from the support-focused role that I have taken.

However she is already on the right track. Taking initiative to ask me if she might spend 10 minutes to do a Mental Maths test independently, and yes, asking questions when needed, but demonstrating a motivation, enthusiasm and confidence that just wasn’t there previously.

Fractions remain a challenging area but we are working on them, breaking down the various approaches and integrating our learning – laying the Key Stage 2 building blocks which are sure to serve her for life ahead.