3 tips for learning a new language

  1. Consistency

    Set a time to practise your target language and be consistent.

    A surefire way to learn a new language is to set yourself achievable goals and to commit to their realisation.

    Sit yourself down and ask yourself what your targets are when it comes to learning the language.

    Identify your strengths and weaknesses and commit to working on these specific areas in given time slots.

    Be sure to stick to your plan to ensure progress and that you meet your language learning goals.

  2. Confidence

    Be ready to take risks when it comes to practising the target language.

    Whether you are learning for personal, professional or academic purposes, be ready to actively practise the target language.

    If you have the opportunity travel to a destination where the language is spoken, take a chance to strike up conversation with a stranger.

    Find a language partner, the internet has created a wealth of opportunities and possibilities when it comes to connecting with others, why not harness this resource to help you on your language learning journey?

    Speaking with native speakers in your target language will not only give you much needed experience and practice, it will also increase your confidence and help you to overcome future challenges and hurdles.

  3. Charisma

    Be unafraid (and charming).

    Like most challenges and opportunities in life, language learning requires us to step outside our comfort zone and to try something new.

    Be willing to make yourself vulnerable by taking that step towards your language learning goals, but more than that, don’t be afraid to be charming.

    Not only do you need this person’s help to practise their language, but also you are IN LOVE WITH THEIR LANGUAGE.

    Motivation is key to learning anything in life and if your heart isn’t in it, it will be difficult to achieve your goals.

    Too often we are caught up in the routine of our day-to-day lives, busy work, family and social lives, caught up in schedules and to-do lists, sometimes we forget our original reasons for committing to the learning journey.

    Hold onto that original motivation and keep your heart in it. If it’s not for you, fair enough, move on, but remind yourself why you started if this is something that you really want!