Fixing to figure out fractions

When explaining fractions, asking my newest student what fraction of the original portion of grapes was in my mouth at a given moment, not only seemed to work, but also made her smile.

Last week she needed help understanding fractions. I started out drawing and splitting circles (or pizzas) in an attempt to explain fractions to her. 

This worked pretty well.

But the following week things went even better when I managed to use real food – grapes, provided by her Mum – to explain fractions.

There was me thinking that she would be complaining that I had eaten all of the grapes, but she seemed happy enough to accept the scenario and also seems to be getting to grips with the surprisingly tricky Key Stage 2 Maths curriculum.

There was no actual pizza in the mix, but if she carries on this way, maybe Mum will find a way to treat her 😉